Academic Master Scheduling for K-5 or K-6, K-8, Middle and High Schools to Enhance Student Achievement 

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The Educational Leader's Guide for School Scheduling: Strategies Addressing Grades K-12 is the first publication to address creative scheduling at all levels: K-5 or 6, K-8, middle, and high schools.

This essential resource provides strategies for the effective and equitable distribution of available FTEs throughout the district, while helping you work through the many critical questions and decisions involved in the scheduling process.

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 Academic Master Scheduling ConsultingWhat Can You Expect to Learn From Our Academic Master Scheduling Consulting?

  • • Build an academic master schedule to fulfill the mission/vision of the school/district
  • • Create an academic master schedule for K-5 or K-6, K-8, Middle and High Schools
  • • Improve time-management and establish flexible uses of time
  • • Foster active student engagement and student-centered learning
  • • Identify schedule frameworks that impact student achievement
  • • Organize opportunities for data analysis in the context of vertical and horizontal collaboration
  • • Implement a freshman academy program to facilitate transition to high school
  • • Establish career pathways to facilitate school to college to career opportunities

Our focus is to help schools and districts realize their objectives and overcome today’s challenges in educating our nation’s youth. Using innovative and adaptive academic master scheduling techniques, we break down problems and successfully implement effective solutions. We rely on invested people in your schools and districts to create and deliver the necessary education for our students. We recognize that ultimately scheduling implementation is achieved by professionals committed to their communities and the love of educating.

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