About Merenbloom Consulting

The Merenbloom Seminars & Consulting Philosophy

Merenbloom SeminarsOur focus is to help schools and districts realize their objectives and overcome today’s challenges in educating our nation’s youth. Using innovative and adaptive master scheduling techniques, we break down problems and successfully implement effective solutions.

We rely on invested people in your schools and districts to create and deliver the necessary education for our students. We recognize that ultimately teaching is done by professionals committed to their communities and the love of educating.


As educators, Merenbloom Seminars & Consulting goals are to:

  • Stay current
  • Support advancement of the teaching / learning process
  • Foster curriculum development where necessary
  • Identify and implement appropriate teaching strategies
  • Manage organizational tools and resources
  • Optimize our students’ abilities to be prepared for career as well as post-secondary education

Overall, our job is to help your schools and districts achieve their mission / vision!