Elliot Y. Merenbloom

Elliot MerenbloomOne of the Most Sought-After Workshop Facilitators in K-5 or 6, K-8, Middle and High Schools Today 

Elliot Y. Merenbloom retired from Baltimore County (Maryland) Public Schools to pursue a career as an educational consultant. During his career in the school district, Mr. Merenbloom served as a classroom teacher, school counselor, assistant principal, principal, Director of Middle School Instruction, and Area Director. He is a graduate of Towson University (undergraduate) and Loyola University of Maryland (Masters of Education and Advanced Certificate in Education).

His areas of expertise include: restructuring and the change process; efficient use of time and resources; organizational strategies; scheduling K-5 or K6, K-8, middle and high schools to include time for collaboration and intervention; and teaching in extended time periods.

With Barbara A. Kalina, a retired classroom teacher from Batavia, Illinois, he recently co-authored:

  • The Educational Leader’s Guide for School Scheduling: Strategies Addressing Grades K-12 – Routledge/Taylor and Francis Group – March, 2017
  • Making Creative Schedules Work in Middle and High Schools – Corwin Press – 2007
  • Creative Scheduling for Diverse Populations: Maximizing Opportunities for Learning – Corwin Press – 2012
  • Scheduling Time for Interdisciplinary Collaboration – AMLE Magazine (a publication of The Association for Middle Level Education) – May, 2015
  • Scheduling: Creating Flexible Interdisciplinary Blocks of Time – a chapter in The Encyclopedia of Middle Grades Education – Information Age Publishing – September, 2016

During his career in Baltimore County, Maryland Public Schools Mr. Merenbloom authored two books for the Association for Middle Level Education – Developing Effective Middle Schools through Faculty Participation and Team Process: A Handbook for Teachers. During that period of time, he also contributed chapters entitled “Administering a Middle School” for Perspectives: Middle School Education, 1964-1984 and “The Mindful Middle School: A Shifting Paradigm” for If Minds Matter: A Foreword to the Future. Additionally, he wrote twelve journal articles.