On-Site Consulting

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If you are looking for more in-depth, customized master scheduling or teaching strategies consultations for your school or district, we offer on-site consultations and workshops.


Examples of Consulting Available for Your School and/or District:

Presented by: Elliot Y. Merenbloom and Barbara A. Kalina

  • Building Creative K-5 and K-6 Schedules
  • Building Creative K-8 Schedules
  • Building Creative K-12 Schedules
  • Building Creative High School Schedules
  • Scheduling for Interventions / MTSS – K-12
  • Implementing Career Pathways
  • Implementing and Sustaining Teams, Small Learning Communities, Magnets and Academies – Grades K-12
  • Engaging Students in the Teaching/Learning process
  • Collaboration: Making the Most of Team, Grade Level, and Department Meetings – Grades K-12

Contact us for available dates, pricing and other information.

Our Consulting Process

We begin with a phone or teleconference to exchange information, complete the preparatory work and arrange for on-site visits. During those visits,  we will develop scheduling options and strategies.

Our approach is simple:  you talk, we listen. Prompting for additional information and input, our partnership-based methodology produces remarkable results in very short order. Furthermore, our process is highly cost-effective and provides long-term value for your school or district.

Please contact us for more information on our process.

Our Focuses:


Through research and more than twenty four years of experience, we have developed a unique and highly effective set of creative scheduling tools. These resources integrate your academic requirements, goals and constraints to provide scheduling alternatives for your school or district.


With the changing tides of economics, higher college entrance requirements and increased financial demands, an effective strategy is critical. Our collaborative and insightful process will help to build a strategy tailored to your goals.

We are committed to the future of your students and their welfare, while building long-term relationships with your school or district. Your staff members will learn valuable skills and strategies to use for years to come.

Staff Development

Research has shown that actively involving the faculty in the implementation process yields more effective results. We will help you design training sessions, implement small learning communities, create a Freshman Academy and develop teaching strategies.  We have the skill and expertise to provide effective staff development in conjunction with the creation of the school master schedule.

For pricing or further information on our consulting services, please call us at
(410) 486-6822.